Tools toolbar

Tools toolbar

Create/Edit Image button

1. Create/Edit Image button
Open the Image Editor Dialog to create or edit image.

Shrink images button

2. Shrink images button
Open the Image Shrinker Dialog to shrink images from input folder and save them in the destination folder.

Capture Active Page To Image

3. Capture Active Page To Image
Capture the active web page to an image. The Capture Active Web Page to Image Dialog will be opened for you to choose which image type to be used to write the captured web page.

Export Active Page to EML file

4. Export Active Page to EML file
Export the active page to an EML file which can then be imported into email clients to send HTML email. Images will be embedded within the file.

Create Web Buttons button

5. Create Web Buttons button
Open the Create Web Button Dialog to create web buttons.

Create Bullet Image button

6. Create Bullet Image button
Open the Create Bullet Dialog to create bullet image.

QR Code Generator

7. QR Code Generator
Open the QR Code Generator Dialog to create QR Code images.

Analyze colors button

8. Analyze colors button
Open the Color Analyzer Dialog to create color palettes for use with websites.

Edit CSS Style button

9. Edit CSS Style button
Open the CSS Style Editor Dialog to create, edit or remove css styles.

Check http links button

10. Check http links button
Open the Check Http Links Dialog to verify external links.

Font Converter

11. Font Converter
Open the Font Converter Dialog to convert TTF/OTF font to woff2, woff and eof formats.

Google Web Font Manager

12. Google Web Font Manager
Open the Google Web Font Manager Dialog to add Google fonts.