Application main window

Application main window
The main application window allows editing web pages and maintaining the files of the website

Main menu

1. Main menu
The main menu bar provides access to all functions of this application.

Main Toolbars Area

2. Main Toolbars Area
The main toolbars area provides quick access to commonly used commands. You can show or hide each toolbars

Website Explorer Toolbar

3. Website Explorer Toolbar
The toolbar of the Website Explorer. It provides commonly used commands to manage the website folders and pages.

Minimize Website Explorer

4. Minimize Website Explorer
Minimize Website Explorer.

Maximize Website Explorer

5. Maximize Website Explorer
Maximize Website Explorer

Website Explorer

6. Website ExplorerThe Website Explorer lets you manage the pages and files of your website.
You can drag external files to it if you want them to be published to your website like files for users to download. However you can only drag files which are not HTML files created by the Website Realizer out of the explorer.
You can apply a template to a page opened in the Page Designer by dragging the template from the explorer and drop it to the page.
Please note that Undo and Redo actions are not supported in the Website Explorer. Files deleted are permanent and cannot be restored. If you delete a file which is linked to by other HTML files, a warning message will be displayed showing which pages are using this file. You should only delete it after making changes to the affected pages by removing the links or changing it to another file. This approach should be taken until no warning message is displayed. This way you can make sure that your site will not have links to missing files in the website. For external files, please use the "Check Http Links" function.

Image Preview Pane

7. Image Preview PaneThe Image Preview window lets you preview the selected image.

Page Designer and Browser Previews

8. Page Designer and Browser Previews
The Page Designer allows you to design and edit web pages and preview them using the embedded Internet Explorer.

Switch Page Designer position

9. Switch Page Designer position
Switch Page Designer to the left if it is on the right and vice versa.

Maximize Page Designer

10. Maximize Page Designer
Maximize Page Designer

Minimize Page Designer

11. Minimize Page Designer
Minimize Page Designer

CSS Styles Panel

12. CSS Styles Panel
The top panel "Page / Element CSS Styles" shows the CSS styles applied to the page or the selected element. You can add, remove or edit the selected style by pressing the corresponding buttons on the toolbar.
The bottom panel shows all the available CSS styles defined in the CSS Style Editor.

Responsive Web Design Preview Toolbar

13. Responsive Web Design Preview Toolbar
Preview current page in the internal browsers using predefined or custom screen sizes. Predefined screen sizes can be set in  Browser Preview under the Preferences Dialog.