Insert toolbar

Insert toolbar

Insert Text button

1. Insert Text button
Insert a text element to the active page. Double click this text element will open it in the Text Element Editor.

Hero Image

2. Hero Image
Open the Hero Image Dialog to insert a hero image (large full window width background image with text overlay).

Text From Templates

3. Text From Templates
Open the Insert Text From Templates Dialog to insert a text element by selecting one from a list of text templates.

Insert Horizontal Line button

4. Insert Horizontal Line button
Insert a horizontal line to the active page.

Insert Image button

5. Insert Image button
Insert an image to the active page. An Image Properties Dialog will be opened for you to choose which image to insert into the page. Alternatively you can drag images directly from the website tree to the page. Double click the image will open the Image Properties Dialog.

Insert HTML Source button

6. Insert HTML Source button
Insert  HTML source to the active page such as "<div>html contents</div>". Double click this element or right click and select properties from the context menu will open the HTML Source Editor.

Insert Table button

7. Insert Table button
Open Insert Table Dialog to insert a table to the active page.

Insert Navigation Bar button

8. Insert Navigation Bar button
Open the Navigation Bar Dialog to select navigation bar for inserting into the active page.