Insert Text From Templates Dialog

Insert Text From Templates Dialog


1. Image
Select an image to replace the one shown on the selected template. The size of the image used is shown below the screen shot. If no image is selected, a sample image as shown on the screen shot will be used. You can replace it with your own image after the text element is inserted on the page and then you can delete the sample image.

Use font family defined on the page

2. Use font family defined on the page
If you have defined font families for your headings and paragraph on the page, you can select this option so that the font families used by the text template will not be added and the ones defined on your page will be inherited by the inserted text element.

Hide large image in mobile layout

3. Hide large image in mobile layout
For text templates that support this option, the large image can be hidden in mobile layout by selecting it. So in mobile devices, only the text is shown but the others will show both like the followings:
The following will be shown on desktop and tablet devices.
This one will be shown on mobile devices with width 320px if the option is selected.

Text Templates

4. Text Templates
Show a list of styled text templates. Select the one you want and press the OK button to insert it on your page. If you need more than one of this element after inserting it. You can copy that element and paste it on the page and then change its contents. Do not use this dialog to insert the text element of the same type as this will create the same styles but with different names. Just use copy and paste or "Copy Styles" and "Paste Styles" to create text elements with the same look.