Version History

Version 1.7.20 (March 17, 2017)

  • Fix instruction to payer in PayPal button is not saved. 
  • Fix DPI scaling problem on high resolution monitors 
  • CSS styles are not updated if CSS Style Editor is accessed through the "Edit" button on the "Add Styles" dialog.
  • Fix pressing CTRL-V on Page Designer not working properly.
  • Fix Undo/Redo not working properly when using CTRL-Z and CTRL-Y.

Version 1.7.19 (April 15, 2015)

  • Fix the problem that when publishing to Windows IIS using FTPS, the process hangs owing to non-standard behavior of IIS.
  • Add workaround to a bug in Windows Firewall which block passive mode of FTP on Windows 7.
  • Add missing active page styles to the navigation bar of Template 22.


Version 1.7.18 (December 1, 2014)

  • Lightbox can be added to all the text links with links to images within the Text Element Editor and Table Element Editor.
  • Fix the problem that pressing the backspace key will result in elements partially deleted in Page Designer.
  • Add three new website templates.


Version 1.7.17 (July 29, 2014)

  • Fix various problems, such as program crashes and Undo/Redo functions not working, that were caused by Windows update released on July 9, 2014.


Version 1.7.16 (January 22, 2014)

  • Starting from this version, generated websites will no longer support Internet Explorer 6 (IE6).
  • Add Honeypot Captcha to "PHP - Send Form Data to Email". It is a simple captcha to stop spambots.
  • Support touch events on navigation bar so that drop down menus can be opened by tap action on mobile devices.
  • Update Nivo Slider to include Box Effects.
  • Improve the way to get the dimensions of video files when they are inserted on a page.
  • Add two new website templates.
  • Fix the failing of the CSS compressor to compress the CSS file and stop the publishing process altogether when using Data URI for larger background images (over 4KB).
  • Fix image files with extension in upper case are not encoded in Base64 when "Use Data URI" is selected.
  • Fix the bug that a new form is not selected automatically after being added on a page.

Version 1.7.15 (December 7, 2013)

  • Support embedding image data directly into the style sheet using Data URI. A new option "Use Data URI" is added to the CSS Style Editor and the Navigation Bar Editor. Use it on small images may be able to speed up the loading of pages. Do not embed larger images as this may slow down page loading. Please note that Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) and below do not support Data URI so your visitors using these browsers will not see the embedded images. The image data will only be embedded in the style sheet when pages are either published to a local directory or to a web server.
  • A new option for publishing opened pages is added to website publishing dialogs.
  • Support using lighter and bolder keywords and defined numeric values (100, 200...900) in CSS font weight property.
  • Detach the setting of background image from the other background styles in the CSS Style Editor so that they can be defined in different style rules to facilitate using CSS image sprites.
  • Update program to detect new versions of Opera browsers.
  • Highlight the selection that was made at each level of the sub-menu on a navigation bar (Internet Explorer 6 not supported).
  • Fix program crash problem on rare and random occasions when a page is closed.

Version 1.7.14 (October 17, 2013)

  • Update program to work with Internet Explorer 11.
  • When publishing to a local directory, each website will now remember its own last used directory instead of the last one that is used for publishing any websites.
  • Add a new function to copy the id of all the selected elements to clipboard so as to facilitate adding custom javascript code and CSS styles.
  • Fix the layout problem of a table when styles are applied to text in the first table cell in the Table Element Editor.
  • Fix form button not expanded to show all the text when inserted owing to a bug in Internet Explorer 8.
  • Fix removing files in remote servers when they are locally deleted not working when using FTPS or Public/Private Key Authentication in SFTP.
  • Fix program crash problem in some rare occasions when closing a page.

Version 1.7.13 (July 15, 2013)

  • Fix the problem on Vista, Windows 7 and 8 that elements on a page cannot be moved or jump to a random location when moved owing to the security patch to Internet Explorer released by Microsoft on July 9, 2013, which causes some events in the embedded Internet Explorer to return invalid values.


Version 1.7.12 (July 6, 2013)

  • Starting from this version, Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) or above is required to be installed.
  • Add the link tag "a" to the "Elements" tab in the CSS Style Editor.
  • Add two new navigation bars, one horizontal and one vertical.
  • Fix the problem that when previewing a page in the internal browser for the first time on Windows 8, it takes very long time to load the page.
  • Fix the problem that when saving a navigation bar as a template, the screen shot of the navigation bar is not captured correctly.
  • Fix an error message is not displayed when an encrypted PayPal button is unable to be generated.


Version 1.7.11 (May 8, 2013)

  • Fix program crashing when the Web Button Creator is started.
  • Fix toolbar redrawing problem when closing Internet Explorer.
  • Add 5 new horizontal navigation bars.
  • Add a new website template.


Version 1.7.10 (April 23, 2013)

  • Support single and double quotes in values and options of form fields.
  • The grid for laying out elements can now be shown either below contents or above contents by selecting either "Below contents" or "Above contents" in the Preferences under the item "Grid".
  • Add "https" to IFrame.
  • Fix the bug that when there is no error message in the field "Invalid email address" of the "PHP - Send Form to Email" script, the page will cause PHP syntax error.
  • Remove the default white background color when a Flash Movie (SWF) is inserted.
  • Fix context menu not shown on right-clicking when text is selected in the Text/Table Element Editors under Windows XP.
  • Fix resizing problems in rows and columns of the Table Element Editor.
  • Fix new columns not updated to the table after insertion.
  • Fix the bug that only one misspelled word is marked as error when there are more if the misspelled words are the same.


Version 1.7.9 (February 17, 2013)

  • This version requires Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) or above installed (IE8 or above is recommended) and Windows 2000 is no longer supported.
  • Fix compatibility problems with Windows 8.
  • Fix the bug that length fields in CSS Style Editor are not updated if the value is negative.
  • Fix a bug in form select field which erroneously select more than one items when only one item is selected.




Version 1.7.8 (November 27, 2012)

  • Support protocol FTPS (Both Explicit and Implict FTP over SSL/TLS) in publishing websites.
  • Support using Private/Public Key Authentication in SFTP when publishing websites.
  • Support moving files or folders in the Website Explorer in addition to dragging and dropping of files and folders. Select the files or folders to be moved. Right-click on anyone of them and select "Move Folders or Files" from the context menu or press the corresponding button on the toolbar.
  • Add superscript and subscript to Text and Table Element Editors.
  • Fix the bug that the "Active" connection mode cannot be set or used for the FTP protocol.
  • Fix the bug that the Lightbox javascript cannot be added if only one image is selected on a page.
  • Fix the scrollbar problem in the CSS Style Editor when run under Windows 7.
  • Add a new website template


Version 1.7.7 (August 22, 2012)

  • Fix the bug that custom css style rules in the Custom tab of the CSS Style Editor are not copied when the duplicate button is pressed.
  • Show an error message when there are spaces in field names if "PHP Send Form to Email" is used.
  • Fix the problem that Emsisoft Anti-Malware causes the program to crash in Windows XP.
  • Enhance Color Picker to support multiple monitors.


Version 1.7.6 (June 7, 2012)

  • Show an error message when an external file which has the same name as a WR HTML file is dropped to the Website Explorer.
  • Support entering relative path such as "pages/page.html" to the URL field when "Link To" type is "Other".
  • Update the image optimizer to compress images in jpg and png format better when a website is published. Please note that the optimization process will lower the speed of website publishing.
  • Fix the problem that the program crashes when selecting text in the Table Element Editor.
  • Fix drop shadow of navigation bar not working in IE6 after upgrading to JQuery 1.6.4.
  • Fix the problem that some jpg files cause the program to crash.
  • Add 5 new horizontal navigation bars and 2 new vertical navigation bars. Please note that some new horizontal navigation bars will not work in IE6.
  • Add a new website template



Version 1.7.5 (April 18, 2012)

  • The name of a newly created folder or a cloned file can be changed immediately after creation without pressing the F2 key or selecting a command from the menu first.
  • Support adding new elements to existing elements in footer on a template page. There is no need to select elements that are already in footer.
  • Add active state to the sub-menu indicators on the top items of a navigation bar.
  • Add three new sets of icons to Bullet Image Creator for creating bullet or decoration images.
  • Lightbox can now be applied to a text or table element. All images in the a text or table element with a link to another image will be added to the Lightbox.
  • Fix incorrect style in Navbar10 when an item is in active state.
  • Fix "enctype" not generated for form.
  • Fix javascript for supporting png in IE6 not generated in some rare cases.
  • Add 5 new horizontal navigation bars.
  • Add a new website template.


Version 1.7.4 (February 3, 2012)

  • Fix the problem that the "PHP - Send Form to Email" box must be placed above the form to reset the fields to their original values (if any) after the form is successfully submitted.
  • Update JQuery to 1.6.4
  • Add two new website templates


Version 1.7.3 (December 10, 2011)

  • Add a new option in preference (Publish Website) to choose the default selection status of "Mark files as unchanged after publishing".
  • The last FTP profile used to publish a website will now be remembered in website level rather than globally.
  • Add a new option to keep aspect ratio when using custom size in the Image Properties Dialog.
  • Add two new website templates.
  • Fix character encoding can not be changed in page level.


Version 1.7.2 (November 1, 2011)

  • Add extra buttons for creating new template and web page to Website Explorer.
  • Add a new option in Website Preference to not expand the folders on drop down menu.
  • Support get method in form when "PHP Send Form to Email" is used.
  • Fix the problem that the fields for width and height values of Guide Border are not enabled when custom size is selected.
  • Fix file corruption of horizontal navigation bar 6.
  • Fix failure of capturing active web pages and saving templates not working in IE9.


Version 1.7.1 (August 25, 2011)

  • Use the highest supported browser mode in the internal browser to preview pages.
  • Alignment and centering functions now work with form. All elements within a form will also be aligned or centered.
  • Sizing functions now work with form. If an element is resized and it is not wholly within a form, the form will be expanded automatically to include that element.
  • Fix message windows go behind the splash screen.
  • Fix crashing problem of Table Editor when text is being selected for adding link.
  • Fix the text box for entering alternate text of image expanding to the full width of the window if there are a lot of contents.
  • Fix incorrect image size is used if paddings from CSS style are applied to it.
  • Fix FTP profiles can't be deleted.
  • Fix on some occasions that the FTP profiles for SFTP protocol fail to be loaded if server validation is selected.


Version 1.7.0 (June 25, 2011)

  • Add new CSS attributes width, height, float to CSS Style Editor.
  • Add new elements ol, ul, li, and img tags to CSS Style Editor.
  • Support adding custom styles to the external style sheet.
  • Support adding custom style rules to a style in the CSS Style Editor.
  • Support inserting images into Text Element Editor. Images can be aligned either to the left or to the right with text wrapping around them by using CSS styles.
  • Support displaying font names in their font when adding text in the Image Editor. By default, this feature is turned off. To turn it on, select Tools -> Preferences from the main menu. Select the item "Image Editor". Select the option "List font names in their font".
  • Support adding more than one images at a time in Javascript effects such as Image Slider, Nivo Slider, Fancy Transitions etc.
  • Allow copying and pasting selected images between different Javascript Image Slider/Rotator effects to make easy the changing of effects such as from Image Slider to Fancy Transitions.
  • Allow using the images selected by previous Image Slider type Javascript Effects when changing to other effects. For example, changing from Nivo Slider to Fancy Transitions will allow Fancy Transitions to use the images selected for Nivo Slider.
  • Support pasting files into Website Explorer
  • Support pasting image files on pages in Page Designer.
  • Support copying and pasting, dragging and dropping of images from browsers to the Image Editor, Website Explorer and pages in Page Designer if browsers return the URL of an image (Some browsers return the URL that these images link to rather than their location).
  • Vertical navigation bar now supports showing sub-menu on the left. Please note that the templates for vertical navigation bar are for showing sub-menu on the right only and they may not be shown correctly in Page Designer but will be displayed correctly when previewed or published. Some images also need to be changed manually.
  • Photo Gallery I can now show caption.
  • A column which supports sorting is added to the "Available Image Files" of the Javascript Photo Gallery I for easy finding of image files.
  • Alternate text can now be added to the selected images of the Photo Gallery I.
  • The "Send Form to Email using PHP" script will detect browser refreshing and will not send the email again.
  • Retain values entered on a form for errors caused by missing mandatory items when using "Send Form to Email using PHP".
  • HTML code in the tab "Generated HTML" can now be copied to clipboard.
  • Add the name field to IFrame (Inline Frame).
  • Links can be opened in custom target not just a new browser window or tab.
  • The link of a navigation bar item can be set to a bookmark (anchor).
  • Add Center Vertically and Horizontally to alignment.
  • A new option is added to the Page Properties to allow including the JQuery Library to a page.
  • A new image optimization preference is added. If this option is selected, the images with types JPG and PNG will be optimized for size without losing the original quality when they are published. The original image files in the website will remain intact. The optimization is only done to the published images. (Please do not copy them back to replace the images in your website).
  • A new option is added to create a new website from the Blank Template.
  • Support characters such as ">" and "<" in the title of a page.
  • Support keeping PHP tag (<?php ?>) unescaped in title and in content of meta tags for names "author", "description" and "keywords".
  • Support applying a template to all pages of a website. Please note that if the same navigation bar is used in both the template and the normal pages, it will be removed from the normal pages when the template is applied to them.
  • Remember which action is performed when publishing website so that when the Publish Website button on the toolbar is pressed again, the last action will be invoked. For example, if the last action is "Publish to Remote Website", then its dialog will be opened rather than the "Publish to Local Directory" dialog.
  • Remember the choice of "Files to Publish" in both Publish Website dialogs.
  • 8 new website templates are added.
  • Some navigation bars have more colors for selection and several new ones are added.
  • Fix backup file can not be deleted immediately after it has just been restored.
  • Fix Rounded Corners Javascript not drawing the corners in IE8 after refreshed.
  • Fix progress bar not responsive when a website is being published.
  • Fix the problem that using apostrophe in the subject line of a message causes "Send Form to Email Using PHP" to fail.
  • Fix the CSS styles of some horizontal and vertical navigation bars, making them work in Internet Explorer 6 (IE6).
  • Fix incorrect width of vertical navigation bar in Internet Explorer 6 (IE6).
  • Fix javascript effects of drop down menus not working in Internet Explorer 6 (IE6).
  • Fix title not saved when creating text links.
  • Fix code such as this "&#97;" being converted to its corresponding character in attribute "href" in the HTML Source Editor.
  • Fix wmv video files can not be displayed in IE9.
  • Some minor bug fixes.

Version 1.3.7 (March 7, 2011)

  • Add a preference to open a Text or HTML Source Element in the corresponding editor immediately after it is inserted.
  • The function of removing format in Table Element Editor can now remove bold and italic by selecting table cells in addition to text selection.
  • Support entering empty anchor "#" to URL when "Link To" type is "Other".
  • Fix program not able to start after installation on some computers.
  • Fix text disappearance problem in Table Element Editor when text is marked with both bold and italic.
  • Fix footer position not updated when the size of a table is changed in the Table Element Editor.

Version 1.3.6 (February 5, 2011)

  • Fix random crash and starting failure in some occasions.
  • Fix failure in opening websites in some rare cases.

Version 1.3.5 (January 14, 2011)

  • Fix scrollbar is missing from the Photo Gallery after it is published.
  • Exclude Quicktime movies from showing in the internal browser so that other elements can still be previewed in the internal browser.
  • A new option is added to the Preferences under Browser Preview to allow switching to Internet Zone when previewing web pages in Internet Explorer (IE) so that the security bar will not be shown if Active X Controls such as Video plugins are used on a page. The side-effect of this option when selected is that the PNG fixes used in Internet Explorer 6 will not work when previewing.
  • Fix the problem that FTP will fail if the FTP command REST is not supported by the server.
  • Fix the problem of locale-specific decimal point such as comma used by some locales in CSS style sheet, which causes the style rules to be ignored by browsers.
  • Fix Rounded Corners javascript which fails in Internet Explorer 8 (IE8).


Version 1.3.4 (September 22, 2010)

  • Fix paragraph tags <p> and </p> are erroneously shown on a page when text is pasted to the Text and Table Element Editors
  • Fix scrollbar missing from the Text Element Editor for system with Internet Explorer 8 when background color of the editor is used
  • Remove the option "Automatic" from the Color Choosing Dialog in the Text and Table Element Editors as its usage is now obsolete


Version 1.3.3 (September 15, 2010)

  • Remember the last published directory in the "Publish to Local Directory" Dialog
  • Fix directory entered into the text box of the "Publish to Local Directory" Dialog not recognized by the program
  • Fix links of navigation bar are not checked when using the function "Check HTTP Links"
  • Fix no warning is given when a page which is linked by a navigation bar item is deleted
  • Some minor bug fixes


Version 1.3.2 (August 24, 2010)

  • Separate pasted text to different paragraphs if line breaks are found
  • Add direction attribute to CSS Style Editor to support displaying right to left languages correctly
  • Enhance image list in text element editor to detect CSS style "direction"
  • Fix "Send Form to Email Using PHP" does not process a form sent by a form image button
  • Fix the text of navigation bar items is not escaped (e.g. not converting "&" to "&amp;")
  • Fix the text of the text and table element editors is not escaped if HTML code is pasted (e.g. not converting "<" to "&lt;")
  • Fix changes to Site Properties are not detected when a page is previewed in internal browser
  • Fix "Move footer to the bottom of the page" does not work if the page is not centered
  • Fix the page not updated in the Page Designer when images used by CSS styles are overwritten


Version 1.3.1 (July 27, 2010)

  • Fix elements not able to be deleted under certain circumstances
  • Fix URL under http in Navigation Bar Dialog not saved in history
  • Only randomly suggests Website Templates in Welcome Page, tutorial templates will be excluded
  • Fix CSS styles used by image sliders are missing
  • Fix "Send Form to Email Using PHP" not able to update the name of the related form if its name is changed
  • Use "CRLF" instead of "LF" to separate lines in "Send Form to Email Using PHP"


Version 1.3.0 (July 5, 2010)

  • Two new javascript image sliders, Nivo Slider (not support IE6) and Fancy Transitions
  • A new function to capture the active page of the Page Designer to an image
  • A new function to convert single "nbsp" to space
  • Four new website templates, 19 to 22.
  • Two new horizontal navigation bars, 78 and 79
  • A new Blank Template to make easy the creation of simple website
  • A new quick tutorial to create a new website from the Blank Template
  • A new "How to" guide to create the second page of a website which is different from the index page
  • A new "How to" guide to add YouTube to a web page
  • Several bug fixes

Version 1.0.3 (March 27, 2010)

  • Fix a minor bug relating to "nbsp" in text element

Version 1.0.0 (March 10, 2010)

  • First release