Publish to Remote Site Dialog

Publish to Remote Site Dialog


1. Profile
Select a profile which contains information about the FTP site that the website will be published to.

Site Information

2. Site Information
Display the FTP settings of the selected profile. The "User name" and "Password" can be changed. If there are no settings for these two fields, they have to be filled up first before the website can be published.

New... button

3. New... button
Open the Create New FTP Site Settings Dialog to create a new profile for publishing website.

Edit... button

4. Edit... button
Edit the settings of the current FTP profile using the Edit FTP Site Settings Dialog.

Duplicate button

5. Duplicate button
Duplicate the selected profile. A dialog will be opened for entering a new profile name.

Delete button

6. Delete button
Delete the FTP profile.

Show / Hide password button

7. Show / Hide password button
Toggle between showing the password in asterisks or plain text.


8. Files
Select which files to publish. This option will be remembered and selected automatically when this dialog is opened next time.

Mark Files as Unchanged

9. Mark Files as Unchanged
Mark all published files as unchanged so that they will not be published again when only changed files need to be published.

Remove Non-existing Files

10. Remove Non-existing Files
Remove any files from the remote directories that are not found in the website. The Remove Directories and Files Dialog will be opened showing which files and directories are going to be deleted. You can deselect any that you want to keep. This option is useful if the same website is published to the same remote site again and some files in the website have already been deleted or moved to another directory.
You may want to exclude some files in the remote site from comparison with the website such as hidden files. Add the required filters using the Remote Site File Name Filters Dialog. For example, to exclude hidden files in Unix type servers, add ".*" filter to the filter list. Please note that these filters are not site specific and will be applied to all the remote sites.

Publish button

11. Publish button
Publish to remote FTP site.

Cancel button

12. Cancel button
Cancel publishing and close this dialog.