PHP Send Form to Email Honeypot Captcha

PHP Send Form to Email Honeypot Captcha

Use Honeypot Captcha

1. Use Honeypot Captcha
Select this option to turn on Honeypot Captcha. An invisible text field using the name as entered below with label as below will be inserted to the form. Your visitors will not see it but spambots will usually fill the field with random text. If this field is not empty, form data will not be sent to the designated email address.


2. Label
The text for the label of the invisible text field. Default text is "Extra Comments:". You can change it to other text. This field cannot be blank.


3. Name
The name of the text field. The default name is "extracomments". Field name must begin with a letter (A-Z, a-z) and may be followed by letters, digits (0-9) or underscores ("_"). Spaces are not allowed and this field cannot be blank.