PHP - Send Form to Email Dialog

PHP - Send Form to Email Dialog
Send the contents of the form to the specified email using PHP. Your web hosting has to support PHP 5 or above and sending email using PHP mail() function. You may need to check this out with your web hosting or just create a simple form to test whether this function is supported on your web server. Field name must begin with a letter (A-Z, a-z) and may be followed by letters, digits (0-9) or underscores ("_").
The contents of the email will look like the following using the above dialog as example.
customer: [text entered in the textbox of the form]
email: [text entered in the textbox of the form]
Please note that upload field is not supported.

List of form fields

1. List of form fields
Show a list of form fields which are extracted from the selected form. The contents of these fields will be sent through email. If there are any changes made to the form, open this dialog again to update the newly added fields. For mandatory fields, extra code will be generated to make sure that these fields are filled before sending out. For email fields, some simple validation will be done.

Up button

2. Up button
Move the selected field up.

Down button

3. Down button
Move the selected field down.


4. Settings
Open the settings dialog for the selected field.

Email Settings tab

5. Email Settings tab

Validation Messages tab

6. Validation Messages tab

Completion Action tab

7. Completion Action tab

Styles tab

8. Styles tab

Honeypot Captcha tab

9. Honeypot Captcha tab

OK button

10. OK button
Click OK to save the settings.

Cancel button

11. Cancel button
Cancel saving the settings.