Tablet Layout

As the width of the page is 900 pixels and we use the default mobile breakpoint at 768 pixels, so the tablet layout will be used when the width of the browser window is between 769 and 900 pixels.
The layout strategy for tablet is to keep all elements as they are on the desktop view, reducing the width of each element to fit the width of the browser window proportionally. When decreasing the width, the height of some elements will be expanded like the text elements and the others are decreased in aspect ratio like the image elements. Their position will be adjusted accordingly.
Each element has a default layout approach assigned. You can use the Responsive Design view of the internal browser or the external browsers with this tool such as Firefox and Google Chrome to check out the default layout of the elements by adjusting the width of the browser window from 900 to 769 pixels. Some elements will work and some will not. For those that do not work, manually select the rules the are appropriate. Sometimes you may need to adjust the size of the elements especially the text element in order to make them work. Sometimes , you just need to turn off the "Auto" layout and the elements will work especially for small image elements on a page.
The following shows how we go over each element on pages after checking them in the Responsive Design View. After setting each element, you can refresh the Responsive Design View to see if the new settings work by pressing the key "F5" if you are using the external browsers for previewing.