Edit Font Face Dialog

Edit Font Face Dialog

Font Converter... button

1. Font Converter... button
Open the Font Converter Dialog. You can convert a TTF/OTF font to these font formats WOFF2, WOFF and EOT. The TTF/OTF font must be in your website for the converter to do the conversion. After the conversion, the TTF/OTF font together with the converted fonts will be added automatically to the font URLs below.


2. Fonts
Change the selected fonts or add other font file in different formats. A maximum of four formats (woff2, woff, ttf/otf, eof) of the same font can be added. If a TTF/OTF font is selected, the font attributes below will be filled automatically if they can be obtained from the font file. As not all attributes are available in the font file, be sure to check whether the automatically filled values are correct.

Font family

3. Font family
The font family of the font file.

Font Weight

4. Font Weight
Values can be normal (400), bold (700), 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900. It should be set to match the font file.

Font Style

5. Font Style
It can be normal or italic. It should be set to match the font file.

Generic Type

6. Generic Type
Select the generic type of the font. For example, "Open Sans" is a sans-serif font, then select "sans-serif" from the drop down menu. It is used as a fallback font. When the external font is not yet available like when it is still loading, the browser will use the sans-serif font as defined by the system to render the text.

OK button

7. OK button
Click on this button to save the changed font face. A font family, for example "Open Sans, sans-serif", will also be added to the drop down menu for selecting this font family if it has not already been added.

Cancel button

8. Cancel button
Cancel changing font face.