Publish Website to Local Directory Dialog

Publish Website to Local Directory Dialog

Local Directory

1. Local Directory
Select a local directory to store the generated website.


2. Files
Select which files to publish. This option will be remembered and selected automatically when this dialog is opened next time.

Mark Files as Unchanged

3. Mark Files as Unchanged
Mark all published files as unchanged so that they will not be published again when only changed files need to be published.

Remove Non-existing Files

4. Remove Non-existing Files
Remove any files from the local directories that are not found in the website. The Remove Directories and Files Dialog will be opened showing which files and directories are going to be deleted. You can deselect any that you want to keep. This option is useful if the same website is published to the same local directory again and some files in the website have already been deleted or moved to another directory.

Publish button

5. Publish button
Publish to the local directory.

Cancel button

6. Cancel button
Cancel the action and close this dialog.