Website Preference

Website Preference

Restore last opened website

1. Restore last opened website
Select this option to open your last edited website. If you close the website before exiting the program then no website will be opened.

Default import folder

2. Default import folder
Select this option to create a default folder for imported files. It is mainly used for storing images. You can assign another folder later using the File Menu option "Set as Default Import Folder".

Default Name

3. Default Name
The default name for the import folder.

Use specified folders for importing external files

4. Use specified folders for importing external files
Specify folders for importing external files determined by the extension of the files. Only one level of sub-folder is supported so you can only specify, for example "fonts" but not "sub/fonts". Multiple extensions can be specified for each folder. Separate them by comma like "ttf,woff,woff2,eot". When a file is imported, its extension will be used to find the folder for storing it. For example, when the file "open-sans.ttf" is imported, the folder name "fonts" will be found by using the extension "ttf".  If the folder "fonts" is found in your website, it will be used to store the file. If the folder is not found or no folder name is specified for that extension, the default import folder will be used.

Website list

5. Website list
Select number of recently opened websites to keep in the drop down list.

Expand folder

6. Expand folder
Folders are all expanded when opened on a drop down menu. Select this option will keep folders collapsed.

Do not expand folders if exceed file count

7. Do not expand folders if exceed file count
If "Do not expand folders in drop down menu" is selected, this option will be ignored. If this option is selected and the total number of files in all the sub-folders exceed the specified file count, the sub-folders will not be expanded automatically. The drop down menu will be shown much more faster if sub-folders are not expanded.

Restore Defaults button

8. Restore Defaults button
Restore the settings to default values.

Apply button

9. Apply button
Save the Website settings.