Web Page Preference

Web Page Preference

Default Web Page Name

1. Default Web Page Name
Set the name of the default page of a web site. When a web site is accessed through www.yourdomainname.com, a default page will be shown. This is normally either default.html or index.html. It also depends on your web hosting providers. It is safe to leave it as index.

File Extension

2. File Extension
Select the default extension when a new web page is created. Only two extensions, "html" and "htm", are defined. You can add more to the list by using the Configure Page Extension Dialog

Page Title

3. Page Title
The default page title for a new page. It serves as a temporary title only. It should be changed to another title later that reflects the contents of the page.

Predefined Font Families

4. Predefined Font Families
Show a list of preset font families. Click the Configure button to open the Configure Font Families Dialog to edit the list.

Character Set

5. Character Set
Show a list of character set for page encoding. The list can be edited by clicking the Configure button to open the Edit Character Sets Dialog.

Apply Web Template

6. Apply Web Template
Select this option to automatically add a web template to a newly created page if there is only one template created in the website.

Restore Defaults button

7. Restore Defaults button
Restore the settings to default values.

Apply button

8. Apply button
Save the Web Page settings.