Create Dictionary Dialog

Create Dictionary Dialog
Create a new dictionary from a word list. Currently only format in JazzyDicts is supported. You can download the word list from http://sourceforge.net/projects/jazzydicts/files/. The file name is in this format en_US.zip. The first two character "en" is the language code and the "US" is the country code.
Steps to import the list:-
Please note that not all word lists can be used and not all the languages have been tested. If you find that the file size is over 4MB, it may contains too many words (over 1 million) for the spelling checker. If you find that the process of generating the dictionary takes forever, it is most likely that it contains too many words and it cannot be used. You may need to close the dialog manually to stop the process.
The following languages have been tested which should work with the spelling checker:-
Danish (DK), Dutch (NL), French (FR), German (DE), Greek (GR), Norwegian (NO), Portuguese (BR), Portuguese (PT),  Russian (RU), Spanish (ES), Swedish (SE), Swiss German (CH).

Word List File

1. Word List File
Enter the location and file name of the word list. If the file name is en_US.zip  at C: then enter "C:\en_US.zip". Alternatively, use the "Browse" button to find the file.

Output Location

2. Output Location
Enter the folder path that the generated dictionary will be stored or use the "Browse" button to select the location.

Browse Word List File button

3. Browse Word List File button
Open the File Dialog to select the word list file.

Browse Output Location button

4. Browse Output Location button
Open the Directory Dialog to select a folder for storing the generated dictionary.

OK button

5. OK button
Click OK to start generating the dictionary. After the dictionary is successfully generated, an entry will be added to the dictionary list. You can set it as the default dictionary to be used with the spelling checker.

Cancel button

6. Cancel button
Close this dialog without generating the dictionary.