Image Slider Options tab

Image Slider Options tab

Auto-start sliding

1. Auto-start sliding
Automatically start the sliding when the page is loaded.

Continuous sliding

2. Continuous sliding
Slide the images continuously when either end of the images has reached.

Pause sliding

3. Pause sliding
Pause the sliding when the mouse pointer is over the image. This works only when auto-start sliding is selected.

Hide buttons

4. Hide buttons
Hide the buttons when either end of of the sliding has reached. This does not work when continuous sliding is selected.

Sliding direction

5. Sliding direction
Select the direction of sliding.

Sliding speed

6. Sliding speed
Set the sliding speed.

Pause duration

7. Pause duration
Set the time that the sliding will be paused between images.

Use responsive images

8. Use responsive images
Use responsive images for this image slider. A set of smaller images using the sizes specified in the Preference will be created from the selected images. Browsers will select the appropriate ones for loading according to the width of the browser window. For example, if the page is loaded in a mobile device with screen with 320px, the set of images with width 320px will be loaded instead of the original ones so that the page will be loaded more faster on that device.

Image tab

9. Image tab
Switch to Image tab

Buttons tab

10. Buttons tab
Switch to Button tab