Create Flexible Box Dialog

Create Flexible Box Dialog
Cut the image into four parts and assign them through CSS styles to the four corners of a text element which has extra three containers nested inside it. This will create a flexible box which can be resized to smaller sizes without distorting the image.

Image Preview Pane

1. Image Preview Pane
Show the image for creating the flexible box.

Fit to Window

2. Fit to Window
Resize the image to fit inside the preview window so that the whole image can be viewed.

Image Size

3. Image Size
Show the size of the four images that will be created.

Left Offset

4. Left Offset
Set the offset from the left. The image will be cut on this line.

Top Offset

5. Top Offset
Set the offset from the top. The image will be cut on this line.

Create Images Only

6. Create Images Only
Create the four images only without creating the flexible box. This is normally used to create another set of images to replace the existing flexible box by overwriting the images used by the flexible box.

OK button

7. OK button
Click OK to open the Insert Flexible Box Images Dialog to create the flexible box or images.

Cancel button

8. Cancel button
Cancel creating the flexible box and close this dialog.